Jobs with our Partners

Our Partners are always looking for highly skilled and gifted creators to truly make the change, we offer you different creative, operational & technical jobs To select from.

All Jobs are directly contracted with our partners & supervised by our Team in Ohjiya Digital Investment Fund.


Or Take on Side Missions that will improve your Ranking

If you feel that you couldent find the Job that you are looking for, look no more, Visit our Missions section for Freelancing gigs, showcase your talent, get paid and earn more.


What you need to know about The Jobs provided by our partners

Most of the frequent Asked Questions that could help you make your decision.

Are these full time jobs?

Yes, All Jobs with our Partners are full time Jobs you can apply to.

You wont find these jobs posted anywehre else but here.


Do i get staff benefits for the partner am joining?

Of course you will get all benefits provided by our partners to their staff members.

Do I need to update my profile on Creators?

Updating your profile with your work will always give you the advantage and earn you points that can serve you when applying for a Job or a Mission.

Why do i have to apply from your site?

We are Managing & devoloping the Digital assets for our partners, and part of our job is to discover creators like you who can make the changes.

How can i Apply to a Job?

You can simply find the job you are looking for, read all the requirments and details, then simply add it to cart, you will be required to share some information and we always recommend updating your profile with what you do.

Can i Do Missions if i accepted a Job?

Yes, You can take on Missions whenever new missions are unlocked, make sure you keep your work up to date so you can get exculisive missions.

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